Why Use Glass Containers for Beauty Products?

Over the past few years, the world of health and beauty has seen a huge shift in packaging design. Plastic containers are becoming a thing of the past, as companies embrace the ‘natural’ and make a move towards glass. Heralded in terms of it’s environmental benefits, glass is also the material of choice for a range of other reasons in the health and beauty world. Whether you are an independent cosmetics business, or simply looking for a stylish way to store your beauty products at home, Jars Direct have a range of jars suitable for ointments, creams, oils and more.

Preserve Aromas and Oils for Longer

When it comes to containing home-made or shop-bought fragranced products, glass is the perfect material. As it doesn’t absorb oil or scent, it helps to preserve the aroma of perfume and homemade essential oils for longer. Available in a range of different sizes, our health & beauty glass jars are ideal for storing aromatherapy and holistic healing oils for your company or home. In addition to their protective qualities, glass containers are aesthetically pleasing and can increase your businesses product sales, as customers are more likely to invest in a good-looking product.

Benefits of Amber Glass

Named after the colour of the glass, Amber Glass Jars offer another level of protection for your beauty products. The amber colour means that these jars will filter out light, keeping your ointments, creams and balms resistant to UV rays. As these products will then retain their potency for longer, amber glass jars are increasingly popular with skincare businesses. Both clear and amber glass jars are easy sterilised, to enable them to be used again and again with different products. All of our glass jars for health and beauty come with black screw tight caps, for an irresistibly premium look.

Order Online

Order your clear and amber glass health and beauty jars online from our range today, either singularly or in bulk. To find out more about our range of jars for different purposes, email info@jarsdirect.com or contact us on 0113 4871 095, where we also can take telephone orders.

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