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 Looking for a bulk buy of glass jars for your business or project? Whether you’re a company owner or simply a dedicated hobbyist, purchasing a large quantity of glassware doesn’t have to break your budget. At Jars Direct, we offer our range of glass jars for different purposes with the option to buy in bulk. From food storage, to health and beauty, and more, whichever industry your business lies within, we can provide the perfect high-quality jars to suit. Once you have found your chosen products, we offer a competitive discount rate for wholesale purchases, and can deliver to you in a quick turnaround time.


If you have the intention of using a large quantity of jars for your project or business, buying in bulk is always the more economical option. When purchasing one of our pallets, the price per unit of jars is usually much lower than when buying a smaller case, meaning you can make a great saving. Rather than frequently needing to buy smaller quantities, you can save your business additional time, and ensure that you have enough jars to meet your needs.


Quick Turnaround Time

Once you have made your bulk purchase of your chosen jars, our team ensures that your order is carefully packaged and delivered to you in a quick turnaround time. This means that when buying in bulk, your business or project should never run short or your required glassware, as you are always sure to have a good supply.


Try Before you Buy

Before making a large purchase from our wholesale jar range, you may be wishing to try before you buy. Testing your glass products prior to ordering in bulk is often a good idea, in order to ensure that your chosen jars are the right fit for your purpose. We always offer smaller quantities of our glass jars and lids at low prices, so you can test your product first. Once you have found the perfect jars to suit you, the next step is making sure you have a plentiful supply, by purchasing wholesale.


Bespoke Wholesale Orders

We are always more than happy to cater for even larger bespoke volume orders at a discount rate, whether you are a small business or a large corporation. For pricing information about your unique requirements, please contact our team today for a quotation, or call 0113 4871 095 or email info@jarsdirect.com.


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