Wedding Favour Jars

From the petite, handbag-friendly squat wedding favour jars we have below to the instantly recognisable glass club wedding favour jar you can fill with dried foods, biscuits or other fillings, our glass jars for wedding favours will leave an impression on your guests.

 You can view the variety of styles of wedding favour glass jars available to you below and find the perfect jars for wedding favours or special event. Each of our wedding favour jars can be customised to add even more impact as personalisation allows you to uphold the theme of your wedding. Wedding favour glass jars also provide a social media photo opportunity for your guests in an aesthetic-focused, green-thinking world! Idiosyncratic designs, a choice of colours for lids and fast shipping times make our wedding favour jars a better alternative to sticking with outdated conventional choices so browse below and checkout when you are ready.