Honey Jars

Ensure your precious and delicious honey is properly preserved with any one of our dedicated honey jars. Browse our range online and order your next jars for honey online today. Our glass jars are recyclable and sustainable. If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Wholesale Honey Jars

Whether you are an experienced beekeeper, or just starting out in the art of making honey, having the right equipment is essential. As the superior way to store honey, expert beekeepers recommend short, squat jars with quality lids that are sealed to fit. Our glass honey jars fit these specifications, with sizes starting at 43ml, running all the way up to 314ml. Choose from round, square or hexagonal designs to perfectly suit your unique honey making requirements. Practical, stylish, and available in wholesale quantities for small and large honey making businesses, we guarantee that you’ll be able to find the perfect Honey Jars to fit your needs from our selection above.

Competition Standard Honey Jars

Our most popular glass jars used for honey are our Standard Honey Jars. Produced in the UK, these quality glass jars are designed to meet the standards of honey competitions, for professional and amateur honey makers. With 1lb capacity, these honey jars come with a Branston Gold R3 screw thread lid and are available in packs of 12 or 72.

Miniature Honey Jars

For those who wish to offer up their newly made honey as gifts, our Mini Honey Jars are the perfect option. Also suitable for small and large businesses who wish to sell their honey, these miniature, round shaped jars come in a variety of quantities, with screw top lids to fit.

Creative Uses for Honey

Not only is honey perfect for spreading on your toast, it can be used in a whole host of inventive ways. Once you have used our honey jars to make your batch, take a look at our list of other creative ways that honey can be used:

Browse our wide selection of Honey Jars and order online today. For more information about any of our glass honey jars, contact us at info@jarsdirect.com or call 0113 4871 09 to make a telephone order.