Jam Jars

Browse a selection of high-quality jam jars from Jars Direct below. Our jam jars are available in quantities suitable for individuals and businesses. We have a range of glass jars for jam available to order online today. We stock:

Round Jam Jars | Hexagonal Jam Jars | Square Jam JarsOrcio Jam Jars | Clip Top Jam Jars | Mini Jam Jars

Wholesale Jam Jars with Lids

Whether you own a jam making business, or learning how to preserve for the first time, our wide range of Jam Jars are suitable for every kitchen. Practical, aesthetic and available in a range of sizes, we guarantee that you’ll be able to find the perfect Jam Jars for you from our selection above. And it’s not just jams that we cater for – our high-quality jars can be used to pot homemade preserves, chutney, marmalade, honey and other condiments. Each of our jam jars come with your choice of lids to fit, in a superb range of colours and patterns which includes the timeless and traditional gingham design. With wholesale purchases available for most quantities, you can stock up on all your jam jars in advance for the season ahead.

Mini Jam Jars

If you’re looking for small jam jars, suitable for gift giving purposes, our Mini Jam Jars are ideal. Available in 30ml and 43ml, these can be purchased in a range of bulk quantities from small 12-packs, to a pack of 350.

Hexagonal Jam Jars

For a uniquely retro look, opt for our Hexagonal Jam Jars. Coming in at 110ml, 190ml or 280ml, you can choose the right sized jam jar to meet your requirements. Each pack comes with your choice of heat sealable twist-off lids, where you can choose between gold, black, silver or white.

Large Jam Jars

With our wide selection of large Jam Jars, we also cater for those who preserve their jam or chutneys in bulk. Our 1050ml Preserving Jar is our largest jam jar, designed for small or large businesses who cook and preserve substantial quantities of jam.

Le Parfait Jam Jars

As certified retailers of the popular Le Parfait brand, we’re pleased to offer our selection of their quality clip top and screw top jam jars. With their distinct logo embossed on the side, these Le Parfait jam jars will look fantastic on any kitchen shelf.

Our Top Tips for Making Jam

If you’re a first-time jam maker, here are some of our top tips to help get you started:

Pick in-season fruit for the best flavour.Choose the right type of sugar for your fruit.Add spices and herbs to complement the fruity flavours.Sterilise and label your jars before filling with jam.Fill your chosen jam jars to the brim - with our twist-off metal lids, there's no need to use waxed discs.

Browse our wide selection of Jam Jars and order online today. For more information about any of our glass jam jars, contact us at info@jarsdirect.com or call 0113 4871 095 to make a telephone order.