The Benefits of Using Glass Storage Jars

Over the past few years, home organisation and decluttering have become part of the latest interior trends. With food no longer needing to be confined to cupboards, influencers and TV programmes alike are showing us stylish storage solutions using glass jars and containers. At Jars Direct, not only are our glass jars beautiful to look at on your kitchen shelves, they are also an air-tight, durable, and eco-friendly way of storing your food and sundries. Here, we have listed just some of the benefits to using our glass jars as storage solutions.

Practical and Sophisticated

Our timeless collection of Le Parfait containers will make your kitchen shelves look extremely smart and stylish. Featuring a high-quality rubber seal, they are tamper proof and easily resistant to any knocks or scratches. All of our storage jars are food safety assured, meaning that you can choose to store anything from homemade jams and chutneys to dried herbs. Unlike plastic, glass is non-porous and will not warp over time, ensuring that your food will stay in tip-top condition. The transparent nature of glass jars also makes it much easier to see what is stored inside, adding to the convenience of use in storage.

Eco-Friendly and Money Saving

No other material is nearly as sustainable as glass is, making it the best eco-friendly option for long-term storage. Our glass jars can eventually be recycled, without any excess waste, into new containers. In comparison to glass, plastic can contain a number of banned chemicals and cannot be recycled as easily. By using glass containers to store your food, you can also help to reduce the cost of your weekly shop. Glass keeps dried food, herbs and spices fresher for longer, reducing the need for repeat buying and saving money in the long run.

Contact Us

Order your new glass storage jars online from our range today, either singularly or in bulk. To find out more about our range of glass storage solutions for your home, email or contact us on 0113 4871 095, where we also can take telephone orders.

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