5 Unique Ways to Use Jars in Your Wedding

The summer wedding season is finally upon us, with couples busy getting those finishing touches ready for their special day. At Jars Direct, we offer a wide range of jars that are versatile to be used in a variety of stunning ways at your wedding. From our small jars perfect for wedding favours, to our retro style milk bottles, fill your chosen jars with sweets or drinks for your guests, or use them to create beautiful flower arrangements. Here, we’ve listed 5 unique ways that our jars can be used at your wedding.

  1. Table Centrepieces.

Our Glass Club Jars are available in small, medium or large, and are perfect for table centrepieces. You can easily insert decorative pieces of your choice, such as flower petals, candles, or even polaroid photographs. By contrasting the size of your jars and placing them in groups, you can match the theming of your wedding and wow your guests.

  1. Wedding Favours.

Give your guests something to remember your wedding day with our Hexagonal Wedding Favour Jars. These jars can be purchased in bulk and in a range of sizes, allowing you to fill them with whichever sweets or chocolate you decide. Alternatively, you could layer them with something completely different, such as bath salts or a cake mix.

  1. Cocktail Table.

Stand out from the rest of the wedding crowd and use our Retro Style Milk Bottles for a unique cocktail table experience. Craft your favourite cocktail for guests and serve it in style! Extra personal touches could also be added to the bottles, such as coloured straws or labels.

  1. Flower Arrangements.

Whether you want to put a single sunflower or a bouquet of freshly picked flowers inside, our range of glass jars are perfect to use as vases. Our Orcio Jars come in bulk, to allow you to add colour with flower arrangements placed all over your venue.

  1. Candle Holders.

Once the night draws in, having some cleverly placed glass jars containing candles can illuminate your evening. The glow of either battery-operated or real flame tealights in our Squat Wedding Favour Jars can create a stunning atmosphere, perfect for your first dance.

Bulk Buy Options

Whichever way that you decide to incorporate jars into your wedding, with our bulk buy options, buying from Jars Direct is a cost-effective way to create stunning wedding accessories for any type of ceremony.

Order online with us today, or to enquire about any of our glass jars for your wedding, contact us to discuss your options. Email info@jarsdirect.com or call us on 0113 4871 095, where we also accept telephone orders.

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