Prepare for Harvesting with Honey Jars

As flowers bloom and the temperature rises, beekeepers and honey producers will be preparing their bee colonies ready for pollination. If you’re a keen beekeeper, or are trying to produce and preserve honey for the first time this year, ensuring you have the right equipment is essential – from hive maintenance and safety gear, down to dedicated glass honey jars. Before your bees begin foraging in flowering trees for nectar and pollen, make sure you are well equipped to store your ensuing honey harvest; with our range of wholesale honey jars from Jars Direct.

Competition Standard Honey Jars

Confident that your bee colonies’ honey will be extra delicious this year? Why not enter your local honey competition, or village fete. Popular with both professional and amateur honey makers, our Standard Honey Jars are expertly designed to meet the requirements of all types of honey competitions. These glass honey jars have a capacity of 1lb capacity, and come with Branston Gold R3 screw thread lids to fit. UK-manufactured, you can purchase our standard honey jars in packs of 12 or 72, to suit your honey-making needs.

Squat Honey Jars

If you’re planning on selling your honey as part of your business plan, or as gifts, we offer an extensive range of quality glass honey jars in a variety of shapes and sizes. Expert beekeepers recommend short, squat honey jars for keeping honey perfectly preserved, with lids that are sealed to fit. Choose from our square, round, hexagonal, or mini honey jars to fit this specification, with sizes ranging from 43ml to 314ml and wholesale quantities available for all.

Purchase Honey Jars Online

Browse and purchase our sustainable glass honey jars online today, to ensure that you are prepared for honey harvesting season. Alternatively, for further advice about our honey jars, enquire with our team today on 0113 4871 09 or at

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