The Ideal Glass Jars for Food Storage

With the renewed popularity for preserving food, households across the country are pickling veg, stewing jams, and crafting their own condiments. If you’re looking to hop on this trend, or are a seasoned preserver with a side business, finding the right storage for your wares is essential. Perfectly designed for the effective storage of jams, preserves, pickles and condiments, our range of glass food jars at Jars Direct are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs, to suit whatever requirements you have.

Wholesale Glass Jam Jars

Designed for both those looking to gift their jams, and businesses producing jam in bulk, our quality jam jars come in a range of styles. For a classic look, opt for our Hexagonal Jam Jars, with capacities of 110ml, 190ml or 280ml. Alternatively, our largest 1050ml Preserving Jar is ideal for either cottage industries or large food producing businesses, looking for glass food jars to preserve vast quantities of jam.

Glass Food Jars for Pickling

Searching for the right glass jars for pickling? We offer our designated 480ml Pickle Jars, which are well-suited for the pickling of all types of vegetables and fruits. If you desire glass pickling jars with larger capacities, our Le Parfait branded Clip Top Preserving Jars are available in 4 sizes (750ml, 1500ml, 2000ml and 3000ml) and are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical.

Quality Standard Honey Jars

As beekeeping and honey making has risen in prominence, we provide a range of glass food jars that are ideal for storing honey. Choose from our square, hexagonal, or round designs, including our Standard Honey Jars that are designed to meet the high standards of professional and amateur honey competitions.

Order Your Glass Jars with Lids

Each of our wholesale glass food jars come with your choice of airtight lid, with a range of colours and even gingham designs to select from. To make your pick, browse our range of glass jars for food and order online today. To speak to one of our helpful advisors, contact us at, or call 0113 4871 095 to make a telephone order.

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