Glass Jars for the Perfect Winter Preserves

Following the indulgence of the Christmas season, January can leave us with an abundance of leftover food, which can be difficult to know what to do with. Instead of disposing of excess Christmas fruits and vegetables, a fantastic alternative is to create your own delicious winter jams, marmalades and chutneys, stored away to last the year. Here at Jars Direct, we supply an extensive range of glass jam jars and chutney jars, designed to suit the varied needs of individuals and businesses in their preserving ventures.

Winter Jams and Chutneys

January is an excellent time to turn your leftover oranges and cranberries from Christmas into jars of delicious marmalade. A simple combination of your chosen citrus fruits, cranberries and sugar will create a beautiful mix that can be stored in our classic round jars, ready for selling or gifting. Alternatively, leftover dried figs can be combined with lemon juice, balsamic vinegar and sugar to create a sweet fig chutney, perfect for adding to cheese and crackers. Store your freshly made chutney in our beautiful square chutney jars, with your choice of lids to match.

Preserve Leftover Winter Vegetables

Cutting down on food waste is a high priority for many of us, for both environmental and economic reasons. With so many vegetables often leftover from Christmas, knowing what to do with them can be difficult. Creating pickled foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi is a great place to start, with our variety of pickling jars to select from. Moreover, vegetables peelings from onions, carrots and potatoes can be the perfect base for a delicious homemade vegetable stock - simply by placing them in our glass food jars, and covering with water.

Order Online Today

Whichever winter preserves you decide to create, our vast range of glass jars are available to purchase online today. For more information about larger quantity wholesale orders, contact our team today for a personalised quotation – call us on 0113 4871 095 or email

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