Glass Jars for Homemade Candles

The popularity of candles within home decor has never been higher. Now that the dark winter evenings have arrived, candles can help to create the perfect cosy ambiance to a room, releasing beautiful scents that fill the house with cinnamon spice or vanilla freshness. Homemade candles are an inexpensive way to fill your home with flickering light, and can be turned into a hobby or business – providing you have the right candle glass. We offer a selection of glass jars for candles here at Jars Direct, which are ideal for use within any home or business.

Why Make Container Candles?

For those who have never made candles before, container candles housed within glass are the ideal place to start, and can smell just as nice as expensive brands. As they don’t require any specialised moulds or tools, these are the simplest candles to make within any type of glass jars. Container candles make perfect DIY gifts for your loved ones, and could even be the start of a new candle-making business venture. We work with a number of candle producing businesses, all of whom trust our candle glass for its safety, look and high-quality.

Jars for Homemade Candles

Whether you’re a seasoned creator, or trying candle making for the first time, choosing the right glass jar for your candle is key. For a stylish and classically shaped container, opt for our specialist Clear Shaped Candle Glass, available in 20cl or 7cl sizes. Alternatively, if you prefer a more rustic look, our variety of mason shaped jars are ideal. Our Round Jars are the perfect size for creating candles, and come with your choice of gold, silver or black lids to fit – making them a great option for gift giving. With Jars Direct, you can be well assured that all of our glass jars for candles are heat proof, and have been tested to conform to the relevant safety standards.

Order Your Candle Glass Jars Online

Browse our range of glass jars and order online today, to get started with your candle creations. For enquires, or for any other information about our products, contact our team today on 0113 4871 095 or email

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