Summer – Seasonal Ideas for Glass Jars

Glass jars are so popular because they are aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly and keep liquids/food colder for longer. No matter what size or design you opt for, glass jars for food storage can also be re-purposed as ornaments, gifts, housing cocktails, or any for another purpose you deem fit: simply sterilise and start again! Storage jars, wedding favour jars and cosmetic jars do have a slightly different design to fit their unique requirements but if getting creative in the kitchen or for fun as part of a craft hobby has taken your fancy, glass jars are conveniently re-usable.

Here are a few ideas as to how you can make the most out of your glass jar purchase with Jars Direct’s fantastic range of products.

Make Food in Season

Perhaps you normally buy glass jars for housing your homemade marmalade or stick to making a certain type of jam as it’s what you know but branching out has its benefits! No matter how tricky you think washing out a certain food may be, the stains should fade with the wash of the dish cloth, and you’ll be ready to decant again. On this note, making jams from fruit and vegetables in season promise the most eco-friendly, tasty reward. Fortunately, June marks the start of summer and the ripening of the summer berry to guarantee a taste everyone will love! Strawberries, cherries, blackberries, blueberries, and cherries all have their day in the sun when June arrives, so using fresh fruits and the associated vegetables to concoct a jam or jelly you haven’t tried before is a great deviation from your normal usage of our glass jars for food.

Summer Party

Nothing is more quintessentially British than a summer picnic or garden tea party. The red and white striped tablecloth with scones and juice sat atop is called for once more now another year has come around. The Queen’s Jubilee reminded many of us just how much fun pomp and circumstance can be, so a row of mini jars filled with jams for guests to dip their knives into for spreading on the scones seems perfectly in place. Plus, you can use glass jars as an elegant ornament if there is cause for celebration in the form of a birthday or if you just enjoy making decorations! If your party goes on into the night, fairy lights in glass jars look very impressive due to the compact source of light echoing the shine of something magical like a firefly. Any children attending will be extra impressed! Round and square jars work best for these purposes.

Jars Direct

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