About Us

Jars Direct supply a wide range of high quality produced glass jars, bottles and lids suitable for food and drink.

Our main objectives are sourcing high quality products from environmentally friendly manufacturers and supplying them at better than competitive prices.

We are a relatively new but rapidly growing business, increasing our supplier and customer base every day. We strive to identify our current and future customer needs to meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

We supply a multitude of customers from small individual users and cottage industries purchasing carton quantities, to factory based food and drinks companies purchasing multiple pallet quantities.

The majority of the glass we supply is manufactured in the UK, although from time to time we have to source from European manufacturers in order to meet our customers requirements.

Why Use Glass?

Glass is green. Glass can be recycled any number of times without losing any strength or quality. A recycled container can become a new glass container without waste.

Glass is safe. It contains none of the chemicals found in plastics, like Bisphenol A or S, or Phthalates. These kinds of chemicals are banned in many parts of the world due to health risks.

Glass is Strong. It can withstand pasteurisation, sterilisation, and can even be microwaved without degrading or releasing any toxic chemicals.

Products last longer in glass. Glass can provide a vacuum or a protective atmosphere for an extended period, while remaining unaffected by its environment. Green and Amber glass also protects products from ultra violet (UV) light.

​Glass has been the packaging material of choice for the elite since Roman times, and since becoming inexpensive, safe and sustainable some 400 years ago, it has been the preferred packaging material. No other material offers the same safety and protection to its contents, and no other material is nearly as recyclable.