How to Pick the Perfect Jam Jar

As the season turns from summer to autumn, fruits are ripening ready for jam making. Deciding on the perfect jars to store your jam can depend on the required size, shape, and occasion the jam has been made for. Here at Jars Direct, we offer a wide selection of jam jars to suit any requirements, whether you need large quantities for a business, or are simply making a small selection of jams for friends and family. Here are the important things to consider when picking the perfect jam jar:

Which Shape is Right for Me?

When considering which jars to select, it’s important to also think about your preferred jar shape, as well as how much jam you are storing, before making your choice. If you are struggling to decide, it may help to try to visualise what your jar will look like when filled with jam. Our simple round jars dressed with your chosen labelling can be extremely eye catching, or you could opt for our hexagonal shaped jars for a sharper look. Make sure that you consider your size requirements when making your choice – each of our jars come in a variety of sizes to suit.

Which Lids Should I Choose?

Although they are an important feature when storing jams, lids don’t have to simply be functional. At Jars Direct, we allow you to customise your jam jars even further with our variety of lids. If you’re after a classic look, our red and blue gingham twist-off lid designs are perfect. Alternatively, give your jars a professional look and opt for silver or gold lids. Each of our lids are available in a range of sizes, to match your choice of jars – from 43mm in diameter, all the way to 82mm. Each of our lids and jars are manufactured to a premium standard, enabling you to store your jams in an attractive and practical way.

Make your Jar Selection

As a wholesale shop, we are more than happy to cater bulk quantities for any items. Simply browse our online selection, or alternatively contact a member of our team today with your requirements and we will advise accordingly. Email or call us on 0113 4871 095.

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