Glass Jars for Pickling and Preserving

When pickling, preserving and fermenting at home, using the right equipment is equally as important as the seasonal produce you use. To get the perfect pickle, a high-quality, airtight glass pickling jar is essential in order to fully preserve and keep your chosen vegetables. Whether you are making pickled preserves to sell, or are a novice home pickler, our wide range of pickling jars at Jars Direct are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, with perfectly fitted lids to seal your produce. With the option to purchase in bulk across our range of glass jars, we’re well positioned to meet the needs of even the largest of orders.

What Makes a Good Preserving Jar?

When looking for the right glass jars for your preserving ventures, quality is paramount. Pickling jars should be airtight, and able to withstand the high heat of the sterilisation process. Selecting substandard plastic storage with ill-fitting lids can lead to breakages and food waste, and will not guarantee the pickling process is successful. Luckily, our pickling jars are all made from high-quality heatproof glass, and are specifically designed for the pickling of vegetables. Each of our jars for preserving also comes with a clip top or screw top lid for hermetically sealing your produce.

Which Glass Pickling Jar is Right for Me?

If you’re struggling to decide which of our pickling jars to choose, it’s important to consider your size and lid requirements. If you’re searching for a medium sized glass jar up to the task, our Pickle Jars hold 480ml and come with your choice of heat sealable twist-off lids. For those looking for a stylish edge, perhaps to gift your preserves, our beautiful 500ml Le Parfait Terrine Jars are paired with a gold screw cap lid. Additionally, we offer a number of Clip Top Preserving Jars also from the Le Parfait brand. Available in 4 larger sizes (750ml, 1500ml, 2000ml and 3000ml) these glass pickling jars are ideal for making larger quantities of pickles.

Browse Our Online Selection

To make your selection, browse our range of glass pickling jars and order online today. For more information about any of our glass jars for preserving, contact us at or call 0113 4871 095 to make a telephone order.

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