Find Your Perfect Harvest Chutney Jars

As the Harvest season kicks into full swing, many of us will be picking produce from our gardens, allotments, and from the wild. If you are struggling to decide how to make the most out of your produce, chutneys are an ideal way to use up any kind of fruits and vegetables. Apples, tomatoes and even rhubarb can all be converted into a delicious chutney when stewed with vinegar & spices, before being potted into glass jars for maturing. Here at Jars Direct, we offer a wide selection of wholesale chutney jars for both businesses and amateur chutney makers. Whether you’re storing your chutneys for selling, gift giving or simply enjoying at home with some cheese, we guarantee that you’ll be able to find the right glass chutney jars to meet your needs.

Selection of Shapes and Sizes

The harvest season is one of the best times of the year for chutney making, as a whole host of different leftover fruits and vegetables can be made use of. Because the ingredients are chopped, cooked, stewed with acidic vinegar and spices, even damaged or misshapen produce can be used. Once your chutneys have been created, they can be potted up in your selected jars purchased from us, before being left to mature for a couple of months. Choose our dedicated Square Chutney Jars for a stylish way to keep your chutneys, store in bulk with our Preserving Jars, or place your chutneys in our Mini Chutney Jars to hand out as gifts or even wedding favours.

Wholesale Chutney Jars

If you are planning on making large amounts of different varieties of chutney, buying glass jars in bulk is the best option to go for. This couldn’t be easier with Jars Direct, as all of our chutney jars can be purchased wholesale - simply select your desired quantity in the drop-down menu on each product, with options ranging between 6 to 350 packs of jars. Should you wish to order even larger quantities, get in touch with our team who will be able to arrange this. All of our chutney jars come with matching lids to fit, to ensure that your chutney can be kept fresh until use.

Order Now with Jars Direct

Browse our website today to see our full range of chutney jars available to purchase. To discuss bespoke order quantities, contact a member of our team at, or call 0117 960 4141.

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