Glass Jar Crafts for Christmas Gifts

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us will be considering the gifts that will be bought for family and friends. With the sentiment of a Christmas gift much more important than the value, homemade gifts have soared in popularity over the past few years. Versatile, easy to make, and cost-effective, glass jar gifts are a perfect way to show someone that you care, presented in a festive and memorable way. In this blog, we’ve listed four great ideas for crafting Christmas gifts with the variety of glass jars that we offer here at Jars Direct.

  1. Fragrance Jars

There’s nothing like the fragrance of Christmas. As a simple but effective idea for a Christmas gift in a glass jar, simply place dried cinnamon sticks and pine cones into one of our panelled glass jars. Decorated with ribbons, glitter, and even chalk paint, a Christmas fragrance jar also makes a beautiful table centrepiece.

  1. Spa in a Glass Jar

For someone who deserves some pampering, create your own thoughtful Christmas gift in a jar by placing miniature beauty products (such as bath salts, face masks and essential oils) into one of our Glass Club Jars. You could even top off your gift with inspirational quotes for when they need a pick-me-up.

  1. Spiced Apple Cider

A great way of gifting to friends or work colleagues, brew your own spiced apple cider using your choice of infusions, and bottle in our Retro Style Milk Bottles. With the option to purchase our bottles in bulk, this cosy Christmas gift idea is ideal for those who have a long list of recipients.

  1. The Tea Lover’s Jar

If you have a tea lover in your life, this Christmas gift in a glass jar will definitely be appreciated! Simply fill our Le Parfait Clip Top Jars with a variety of different tea bags, and top it off with a infuser and some biscuits for the perfect gift.

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However you choose to create your glass jar gifts for Christmas, we have the perfect range of containers for you to select from. For enquiries, contact us on 0113 4871 095, or simply order online today.

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