High Quality Food Jars

For fantastic quality food jars that span a range of sizes and designs, look no further than Jars Direct. At Jars Direct we pride ourselves in the highest quality glass jars and bottles across all our categories, and also in the level of customer satisfaction that we achieve.

Le Parfait Jars

Our selection of beautiful Le Parfait glass preservation jars include the 1 Litre, ½ Litre, and ¼ Litre options. These stunning airtight food jars are suitable for a whole host of food preservation purposes, and their sleek design makes for a suitable addition to any kitchen, or as a part of any gift set. The Le Parfait Jars on offer embody the class and quality that we love to represent and Jars Direct.

Mini Jars

Our 30ml and 43ml mini food jars are the perfect addition to any giftbags and baskets if you’re looking to share the fruits of your jam or chutney labours this season. If you’re feeling crafty these mini food jars can be utilised for a whole host of gift giving and could also be used to store ointments and cosmetics.

Classic Jars

Our range of classic food jars include a selection of hexagonal jars, square jars, and honey jars amongst many others. These jars are perfect for jams, chutney and honey, and we also have jars perfect for pickling and larger food preservation projects. Don’t hesitate to browse our range of caps and lids so that you can personalise your jars.

Contact Us

Our food jars are available to order from our website online today but to get in touch about special requests and orders, don’t hesitate to fill out the form on our website.

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