Why Glass Packaging is Better Than Plastic

If you are choosing to package your products in glass containers, you have made a wise choice. There are numerous benefits to presenting your products in glass jars and bottles across all industries, especially with the ever-expanding plethora of choice available to twenty-first century consumers. You may be surprised at just how many there are!

Retains Quality

Particularly pertinent to packaging liquids such as alcohol or fizzy drinks, flavour is retained in glass packaging in comparison with porous plastic, giving it a longer shelf life. Glass has the ability to withstand pasteurisation better than plastic as it fares far better with high temperatures, and drinks lose their carbonation quicker in a plastic bottle. It isn’t just liquids that preserve their quality in glass packaging, as the obvious example of jam is always presented in glass containers due to its long lifespan, giving the owner the same taste sensation as when it was freshly made.

High Status

When products are packaged in glass, consumers view them as higher quality than if the same product were placed in plastic. Big brands opt for glass with this reason as a motivating factor, since consumers purchase products with social status in mind both subconsciously and deliberately. In terms of appearance, glass packaging therefore helps you to stand out from other competitors.


Glass is the greener choice. The environmental impact of plastic is well-known now that the climate crisis has been elevated as a talking point in the media for decades and thanks to the encyclopaedia of the internet. Consumers are now beginning to purchase all of their products through the lens of environmentalism, so investing in glass over cheap plastic boosts your green credentials and engenders interest from newer generations of buyers. As it’s made of raw materials, glass retains quality when recycled too.


Glass is non-toxic and contains none of the dangerous chemicals found in plastic. Recently, studies showed that bottled water leaks tiny particles of plastic in the actual liquid itself. There is no danger of this happening with glass as it is completely safe, and consumers are aware of this.

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