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Welcome to the Jars Direct, a corner of the web where you can peruse articles that centre around getting creative. Glass bottles and jars have a multitude of uses, from helping to preserve your homemade jam in an airtight container to providing you with the perfect place to keep your signature gingerbread brownies. We might even give you some craft ideas that will unleash even more of your creativity and provide you with interesting information you might use in your next pub quiz.


About Jars Direct

We are a rapidly expanding business because we have built our foundations on the ethos that providing you with eco-friendly manufactured products is possible when sourced properly. We price our products competitively and give you only the highest quality bottles and jars to choose from. In order to guarantee quality, we source predominantly from UK manufacturers but also from European manufacturers.

Our Customers

We are always looking for ways we can better serve the needs of our customers. As we are constantly growing, we serve a vast range of customers, from factory-based food and drinks companies to individual users thinking of starting their own business.

Environmental Focus

We believe you should choose glass for a number of reasons that benefit you, with its eco-friendly nature prevalent in our minds. Glass is recyclable without losing any of its durability or qualities that make it so appealing in the first place, such as its preservation capability and overall strength. Glass is far better for the climate than plastic and also proceeds above it in terms of taste.

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If you would like to make an order or special request, the dedicated team here at Jars Direct are easy to contact via email, telephone, or by simply filling out this form.

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