Go Green with Glass Jars

As we all know, plastic packaging and storage solutions all too often result in higher levels of pollution, resulting in a highly negative effect on the environment. Whether that is as a result of harmful chemicals or micro-plastics, we can all do our bit by being more conscious of the way we buy and what we buy. Glass jars are a fantastic recyclable and reusable alternative.

Jars Direct are home to a collection of recyclable glass jars available for both wholesale and individual purchase. These glass jars allow you store a variety of products in a secure, sealed, and appropriate manner that look great too. From our hexagonal glass jars to square jars and more, our food jars allow you to create jams, store honey, get involved in pickling, and anything else your mind could come up with. We even have several brilliant caps and lids for you to select from.

Likewise, we also offer a selection of glass jars for health and beauty purposes. These jars range from our amber squat glass jar to our clear round ointment jars and more. Naturally these glass jars can also be recycled, and work to reinforce the green ethos we pride ourselves in having.

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If you have any questions about our recyclable glass jars or buying wholesale, don’t hesitate to contact us on our online enquiry form.

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