Christmas is Coming!


Christmas is coming, and with it the anticipation of all the warmth that the festivities bring, surrounded by family, and loved ones. At this time, you may be considering your plans, or have them all lined up, with Christmas dinner and gifts all to be arranged, wrapped, or even crafted. Well, with our range of glass jars online, we may be able to help to fulfil the most festive Christmas possible.


Regarding our range, we are home to a lovely selection of jam jars, honey jars, and jars suitable for chutney and a whole host of other preserves. Whether you are thinking of making your own Christmas chutney, or putting together something crafty, our hexagonal, square, round, and orcio jars are always a fantastic option. Out jars come complete with several lids and caps that you can choose from.


As you can see from our wedding favours, it’s easy to get creative with glass jars to create unique gifts with reusable and recyclable packaging. From custom sweet jars to retro mini milk bottles and le parfait bocals, our selection of wares is perfect for all seasons, and especially useful over the Christmas period.


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