Jars for Honey, Preserves, and Pickling

Choosing the right jar for honey, preserves, and pickling has never been easier since being able to browse our selection online. From our online shop you will be able to pick from several glass jars to fit the design needs of your kitchen or business.

Our Range

Our wide range of glass jars for honey, jams, and more consist of all models from hexagonal to square, and round jars. We are proud to say that our jars are produced to the highest possible standard, combining fantastic design and manufacturing. We like to couple our high-quality products with a high-quality service, developing a brand our clients know that they can trust. For example, if you order the wrong size of jars or lids by mistake, we are more than happy to accept returns.

Recyclable, Reusable

Along with looking great, and providing fantastic value for money, our range of glass jars are also recyclable and reusable. This element lends to the ethos of Jars Direct, who prefer to base our business decisions with ethically minded partners and practices.

Lids and Caps

Whether you are ordering glass jars for honey, jam, or anything else, we know how important it can be to personalise your jar. Regardless of whether you are making up gifts for friends, or your jars are destined for the shelves, we have a selection of lids and caps suitable for all types of labelling and design.

Jars Direct

To contact us about our range of glass jars for honey, preserves, and more, call us on  0113 4871 095 or email info@jarsdirect.com.

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