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Our wide range of glass jars for sale online include uses for food, weddings, health & beauty, and even candles. As suppliers we find it important to provide the highest standard of glass jars, fit for purpose, and ready for the shelves. From the 250ml Le Parfait Bocal to the classic 190ml Hexagonal Jar.

Whether you are making seasonal jams, pickling pickles, or storing honey, we are sure to have the right style and size in our wide selection. Likewise, we have a plethora of lids and caps  for glass jars online in our store. These lids and caps are suitable for several jars and make a perfect fit for all shelves in a personal and professional capacity. Homemade jam makes a lovely gift too, and our classic jars and caps make it easier than ever to accomplish when you can order them online for delivery.

Moreover, by choosing glass over plastics you are electing for the greener, more sustainable choice in packaging. Recyclable, glass is reusable several times over for several different purposes. Glass has been favourable since the Roman elite and was made even more popular around 400 years ago when the manufacturing process was developed upon.


As a supplier of high-quality glass jars online, we can regularly fulfil wholesale orders where required. Simply get in touch to discuss your larger order via the details below. For wholesale glass jars online, think Jars Direct.

Jars Direct

If you have any questions regarding our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact Jars Direct today by filling out our online enquiry form or by calling 0113 4871 095.

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