What to Look for in a Jam Jar

A jam jar can be much more than an object to store and preserve jams and chutneys. As a jam jar shop providing quality produce, we understand that everything from the jars design, height, width, and top can make the world of difference depending on what you need as either an individual or business.


The shape of any given jam jar is more important when considering your aesthetic and practical needs, especially when it comes to any personalised decoration, labelling, or branding. At Jars Direct we host a variety of different jam jars, from orcio jars to round jars, to the sharper hexagonal jar. Each jar comes manufactured to an exceptional standard, and will look striking on any shelf.


Lids are an integral feature of any jam jar, and as a jam jar shop, it would be wrong of us not to provide you with options. Just like the shape, your lid of choice can drastically alter the feel of your jars overall by accentuating certain elements. From blue and red gingham, to white, black, and gold designs, you can’t go wrong.

Wholesale Jam Jar Shop

As a jam jar shop we are able to cater for wholesale orders on a range of our products, simply browse our selection and get in touch and a dedicated member of our team will get back to you as quickly as possible regarding how we can fulfil your requirements.


If you’ve any questions about our jam jars, or a query regarding larger orders, you can contact us today online by emailing info@jarsdirect.com.

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