The Perfect Jars for Honey

If the lid stays on, and no water is added, honey will not spoil. Humans have been fascinated with the product for thousands of years, and it is one of the oldest food production processes that we are aware of. With beekeeping on the rise, it is more and more available to households, and whether you’re a business looking for the most suitable honey jar for sales or someone thinking about storing honey at home or for gifts, Jars Direct is for you.

From the classic hexagonal jar to the larger standard honey jar, you’ll be able to find the perfect jar for your honey. Buy jars in bulk, or in smaller quantities, and find the perfect lids and caps online with us too. Our range of caps are available to buy in large and small quantities and are properly suited to our jars. Considering your own needs, there is a range of colours and designs to choose from.

Buying glass jars in bulk, especially if it’s your first time, might seem complicated, or you might not know where to look. It couldn’t be easier with Jars Direct. Simply select from the amount in the drop-down menu in each product, or get in touch for larger orders on honey jars.

We are able to provide glass jars suitable for jam, honey, pickling, and pâté. We also have a selection of glass jar for wedding favours, as well as for candles and health and beauty purposes. Find out more by browsing our online shop today.

For Jars Direct

If you’d like to discuss buying jars in bulk, or anything about our available products, don’t hesitate to email, or call 0117 960 4141.

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