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Jars Direct offer a plethora of fantastic glass jars for food storage. From jars for pickles, jams, and jars for honey, our wide selection is available to order all year round. Made from sturdy, reusable and sustainable glass, these glass jars are recyclable and overall better for the environment than their plastic alternatives. If you are seeking jars for honey and more, look no further than the fantastic range of food jars available at Jars Direct.

As touched on, glass jars are the sustainable food storage option and make for an easy green choice for businesses and individuals alike. Our wholesale purchase options make it simple to save, ensuring you get the most of your pounds this year.

Due to our position, Jars Direct are able to offer several glass jars in a variety of classic styles including rounded, hexagonal, and orcio. To top it all off, we also offer a number of different lids in order to personalise your order and ensure they match the branding of your business.

Along with our food jars, we also source and supply storage jars, wedding favours, health & beauty jars, and more.

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If you have any questions regarding our food jars, or can’t find the jar you need, simply contact our team today on 0113 4871 095 or info@jarsdirect.com.

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