Food Jars

Whether you’re making and storing preserves, or are looking for stylish kitchen storage options, our selection of glass jars for food are suitable for a variety of products and purposes. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, including hexagonal, square, and round, we also have classic Le Parfait jars on offer. Store your honey, jams, and chutneys in a practical and efficient way, or use our glass food jars to make your dried food products easier to view.

Browse our wide selection of high-quality glass food jars here and buy either in wholesale or in smaller quantities.

Glass Jars for Food

Here at Jars Direct, we offer an extensive selection of glass food jars, which are designed to meet a variety of food storage purposes. Regardless of whether you’re making large bulk quantities of food to sell, or are simply searching for effective storage jars for your home, our glass jars for food are available in an assortment of sizes and shapes to suit your needs. Perfectly designed for the effective storage of jams, preserves, pickles and condiments, each food jar comes with your choice of airtight lid, including black, gold, and traditional gingham designs. With wholesale purchases available, you can ensure that our food jars will keep even large quantities of dried and fresh food products stored effectively.

Hexagonal, Square & Round Food Jars

With our glass food jars, you can store, preserve or pickle your food products in whatever shaped jar meets your unique requirements. For a distinctly retro look, opt forour Hexagonal Food Jars, or keep it simple with our Round Food Jars. Each shape is offered in a selection of sizes and can be purchased in a number
of different bulk quantities.

Food Preserving Jars

For those creating chutneys, sauces and preserves, our fantastically versatile Food Preserving Jars are ideal. Choose between our 750ml and 1050ml jars to match your preserving requirements, with lids to fit. Our food preserving jars are particularly well suited to those working in commercial kitchen environments, as they can be used to preserve large batch quantities of food.

Le Parfait Food Jars

We’re proud to be certified retailers of the timeless Le Parfait brand, offering a wide selection of their high-quality clip top food jars. These Le Parfait food jars
are designed to create a vacuum seal for preserving and storing dried foods such as rice, pasta and sugar. Additionally, the beautiful look of these food jars makes for the fantastic presentation of condiments and even desserts.

How to Select the Perfect Food Jar

If you are searching for the perfectly placed glass food jar to meet your storage or preserving needs, it’s important to think about the following things:

Shape: Consider how you want your food jars to look, especially if used for storage.

Size: With so many sizes on offer, our food jars are ideal for gift giving or bulk preserving.

Lids: Clip top or screw top, each of our lids are designed for a perfect fit.

Quantity: Make sure to select the right amount of food jars to fulfil your food making demands.

Browse our wide selection of Food Jars and order online today. For more information about any of our glass food jars, contact us at or call 0113 4871 095 to make a telephone order.