Chutney Jars with Lids

If you’re a chutney making pro, or simply looking to make the most of the apples left on your lawn, we have a large selection of glass chutney jars that are perfect for any level of production. Chutney can be made with fruit, vegetables, or a combination of both, and is the ideal way to use
up any leftover produce. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, with the option to purchase wholesale, our glass chutney jars each come with a choice of lids to fit. Each lids can be heat-sealed onto your chutney jar, to ensure that your new chutney is well preserved and will keep for months.

Preserving Jars

Ideally placed for bulk chutney making, our Preserving Jars can be purchased in 750ml or 1050ml sizes. With a choice of gold, silver and black twist-off lids to fit, these chutney jars are perfect for small or large businesses.

Square Chutney Jars

With their elegant and timeless look, our Square Chutney Jars are a classic choice for chutney making, and can make beautiful gifts. Available in either 130ml, 200ml or 282ml sizes, you can choose the perfectly sized chutney jar to meet your needs.

Le Parfait Chutney Jars

Our range of quality Le Parfait chutney jars chutney jars will look beautiful on any kitchen shelf while you are waiting for your chutney to mature. With their distinct logo embossed on the side, these jars can be found with both clip top and screw top lids, and are available in a number of different sizes.

Our Checklist for Making Chutney

Whether you’re a first-time chutney maker, or simply looking for some helpful tips, here’s our checklist for making chutney:

Once you have jarred up your chutneys, they should ideally be left for a couple of months to mature before eating. This allows the acidic vinegar to soften and brings out the complex flavours of your fruits and vegetables.

Browse our wide selection of Chutney Jars and order online today. For more information about any of our glass chutney jars, contact us at or call 0113 4871 09 to make a telephone order.